THE GREATER JOURNEY is a collaboration between photographer John Pack and the poet Peter Abbs. 

The volume of poems is divided into two halves: the first relates to portraits, the second to landscapes; the volume of photographs is sequenced to reflect a photographic journey. In both the aim is to catch the inner life of the outward form, to allow the spirit of the person or the place to blaze forth for the viewer’s and reader’s contemplation.   

The idea is not that one art illustrates the other, but that the two arts of photography and poetry, with a measure of independence, affirm the same sense of mystery and strangeness in the presence of individuals, objects and landscapes. 

The poet Gerard Manley Hopkins coined the word ‘inscape’ to denote the inner identity of a thing, that which was essential to its unfolding nature, its reason for being. The aim of the art-maker was to stress the inscape of the living universe, to bring into creative consciousness the quiddity of things, their thisness and thatness: the specific energy of their being. 

The aim of this collaboration is to express our profound responsibility to the mesmerising beauty of life.photographs.htmlpoems.htmlthe_light.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1